Welcome to the Thornlie Christian College Chromebook Store

The two possible purchasing options available to you are:

  • Using this portal to place your order online;
  • Contacting the College IT Department via our support form for instructions on completing an order and then making payment by bank transfer directly to the vendor.


If you require assistance for any aspect of purchasing a Chromebook package for your student, please:

  • Read the Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions document to check if your question has already been answered; if not
  • Contact the College IT Department via our support form. The answers provided will also be used to update the Chromebook Frequently Asked Questions.
  • The current vendor for all Chromebook purchases is JH Computer Services. Please note that all warranty requests are processed through JH Computer Services,
  • Estimated time for delivery is currently one week for Chromebook units.

Price Changes

From time to time the prices of the products being sold on this portal may need to be adjusted to mirror the prices being charged by the vendor. Because it’s not always possible to know well in advance the price changes that can flow through the supply chain, we reserve the right to modify the prices as required and without notice.


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